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HulaGirls Nft

Hula Girl NFT is an exclusive collection of 8808 hand drawn AI Generated Nfts by Jacqueline Kealoha Ford. The project was born between three creatives who found in common their passion to live and share ALOHA; “OhanaDao”

The First Collection from Ohana Dao, “Hula Girl Nft” project intends to honor, respect and celebrate Pacific Island Culture and its' modern day people with both reverence and humor.

Each of these Nfts were created from hundreds of carefully crafted hand drawn traits combined with photo collage integration derived from the artists’ life long research into all things Polynesian.

Hula Girl aims to create a community for spreading the message of ALOHA through art and creativity, delivering positive island vibes, beautiful visual escapes, and encouraging all beings to treat themselves, each other and the earth with



OhanaDao Cocktails


Cocktails represent community engagement. Active members of the Ohanadao community will be rewarded with cocktails which can be Collected and/or used for future prizes. At present only the Ohana Dao team can reward you with a Freshly cocktail, but community members are more than welcome to show each other some aloha and reward each with cocktails. 

Actions that lead to cocktail rewards:

Sharing or creating ohanadao content

Retweets and shares on all social media

Community contributions ie: hosting Hula Girl spaces, inviting others to discord, contributing great ideas, etc…


Cocktail types

  1. Mai Tai ( Tiers)

Kahuna Qty. 88

Kuma Qty. 808

Koa Qty.  888

Menehune Beautiful Taro Harvest_edited.png

100 Menehunes

100 Menehunes popped up overnight! These “100 Menehunes” represent many things in OhanaDao. They are the FIRST* Nft from OhanaDao. Even before Hulagirlnft, which will be our first Appearance collection. No one has ever seen a Menehune. Some legends say they were the first people to land in the Hawaiian islands and even Tahiti. These 100 Menehunes are the first nfts to be released by OhanaDao. 


Nft Token 100

Menehune Types 5

20 of each type will be minted.  

5 x 20 = 100 menehunes


100 Menehune Nft Utilities

First Appearance WL

Special Hulagirlnft Discord title/chat access in 

All early Adopter Perks and Gifts

Automatic Entry to next 3 OhanaDao giveaways

Other Dao Perks